About Us

About Us

Mwanaka Fresh Farm Foods shop was opened in 2006 as a farm shop in Enfield, London by David Mwanaka and his wife Brenda. They started  by selling white maize, pumpkin leaves and other exotic vegetables which they  grow on their farm  in the outskirts of London.

Killian Mwanaka (David’s brother) and wife Maggie joined David and Brenda in business in May 2007 which heralded opening of  the butchery and groceries section. 

The shop has since moved from its original premises, 619 Hertford Road, EN3 6UP to 744 Hertford Road EN3 6PR in December 2015.

We are the best in grass fed beef on the bone and succulent beef sausages/ boerewors .We have taken the UK by storm.

What makes our beef so unique in taste, hence popular to our customers, is that it is produced from grass-fed cattle from specially selected farms. The beef is hung for a few days to mature.

Our meat is cut on the bone making it even tastier. Most of our customers testify that our meat is irresistible. 

Our sausages/boerwoers are made from 100 percent beef and special ingredients in hog casings. No bread-crumbs are added as happens with other butchers. Sausages/boerewors with non-hog casings are available on request.

We specialise in  bulk orders for catering on events like  parties, weddings, special occasions and funerals. We also sell white maize and pumpkin leaves and many other exotic produce sun grown from tropical countries among many of our products from our shop. Please note, some of our vegetables are seasonal. Special discounts are available for  bulk purchases of meat and meat products  to our valued customers.( *conditions apply), Our shop is open seven days a week (see opening and closing times).

Try our new Mwanaka Quality Foods Products  range of healthy living exotic products with no artificial additives:

  • Peanut Butter (no sugar added)
  • Millet (Upfu hwemhunga) – Gluten free
  • Finger Millet or Rapoko (Upfu hwezviyo) – gluten free
  • Sugar beans
  • Ground nuts
  • Round nuts (Nyimo)
  • Hygienically dried green vegetables- nyeve, covo and rape
  • Beef biltong
  • Malt Rapoko (Chimera)


Mwanaka Fresh Farm Shop  has a range of products, unique to its customers who are mainly from the Afro-Caribbean Community.


We pride ourselves in sourcing some of the best farmed produce available. In particular our Mwanaka Quality Produce Range which is farmed specifically for Mwanaka Farm Shop by local farmers in Zimbabwe. We are proud to assure our customers that our products are ethically and naturally sourced.

The maize, pumpkins and seasonal vegetables we stock are  farmed in the UK by popular Zimbwean farmer David Mwanaka. The maize in particular has been a hit in the Afro-Caribbean community.

Some of our products:

  • White maize (fresh during season and frozen, when out of season).
  • White mealie-meal (iwisa, roller-meal, parlenta …).
  • Millet (rapoko, mhunga).
  • Ground-nuts.
  • Round-nuts (nyimo, seasonal)
  • Pumpkins (seasonal).
  • Sweet potatoes.
  • Green Vegetables (rape, chomoulier, pumpkin leaves, custard/tsunga/seasonal)
  • Dried vegetables.


Our Butchery Section provides the finest hand cut selections of tasty British bred beef from grass-fed cattle.

Our popular sauages/boerwors are constructed by hand by our highly skilled butchers, and are regarded as irreputably  the best (quality and taste) in the UK. They are often used for barbeque events and are a first selection for professional and domestic use. No matter what you use them for, they are undoubtedly the tastiest seasoned sausages around.

We have a range of offal such as  tripe, cow-lungs and liver.


We also provide a wide range of quality poultry meat, these can be purchased as a whole hard-boiling chicken or in portions catering to your individual preference.


We provide a selection of British reared pork cuts for you to enjoy, these range from succulent pork trotters to perfectly cut pork ribs.

Other Products

Our other products include popular refreshments such as Mazoe and similar exotic drinks. Quality food seasonings and unique cookery ingredients such as the Royco and Robertson’s range.

Willard’s (Thingz, Spuds) , Simba and Lobel’s ranges, are  just a few of the wide variety of crisps and snacks from Southern Africa that we have to offer.